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I’m a results driven designer that sees the big picture and appreciates a role where my work can directly and positively impact revenue and growth.
My philosophy is to create an iterative process that defines the problem and then build out measurable solutions that are cohesive to the brand and fitting for user requirements. I prefer to operate with a Lean UX methodology, embedded with product, engineering, and other stakeholders to bridge the gap between user needs and business goals.

a bit about me . . .  

Let's work together!

If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experiences for users, I am available for freelance projects, consulting, or full time employment.
Email: christene.fair(at)
I’m highly adept in the organizational skill set required to successfully produce media and user experiences that exceed expectations by establishing and executing plans, and providing detailed analysis and recommendations. I thrive in collaborative, creative, and fast paced environments.
As a dedicated professional with a master’s in digital media design and ten years of experience in project management, event and instructional design, and visual communications, I enjoy applying my experience, education, and creative problem solving skills in the UX product design field.
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