UX Researcher: Savepoint

Includes User Research, Usability Testing, Quantitative User Survey, Focus Group


The founders of the Savepoint app wanted to know how they should progress from their initial implementation of the app to a true MVP. I worked with two other researchers to find a way for Savepoint to meet user and business goals. The final deliverable was a report sharing our findings and suggestions for next steps for Savepoint.


The Savepoint app allows convention goers, think Comicon, to find roommates and share hotel costs. First my team wanted to establish the needs of potential users and determined a survey would give us quantitative data to make recommendations. Following this feedback, the Savepoint dev team implemented a basic version of the app.


assignment Planning
assessment Quantitive Research
face User Testing
supervisor_account Focus Group
table_chart Report Findings

After the initial survey and beta implementation of the app, my team conducted a round of usability testing with 11 users, revealing flaws and also confirming recommendations from the survey. Finally, we conducted a focus group of 10 users to query them regarding monetization of the app and other potential features. This three pronged approach allowed us to provide relevant feedback and recommendations to the business owner.

My Role

For the survey portion of this project I developed the content and implemented the online survey, and contributed to analyzing the data and summarizing the results for the delivered report. For the usability study, I wrote user testing scripts, recruited participants, and moderated and video recorded testing sessions. I reviewed the recordings, compiled the findings and highlighted noteworthy items. For the focus group, I developed discussion questions and guideline, recruited participants, observed and recorded data, and helped to produce the report.