UX Strategy: Lovepop

Includes Design Library Creation, UX and Product Strategy


While working at Lovepop, the company underwent a downsizing and reorg, and I worked to create a system to empower developers and product team members to build cohesion across the digital experience. I created a design library for use by the team and worked closely with product to improve KPIs tied directly to sales and revenue: for example, an updated navigation increased product views by 300%.


Lovepop consolidated three product teams to one lean team with me guiding UX work with a product head, engineering lead, and four devs. We worked closely together, implemeting lean UX methodologies to allow every team member the ability to make design choices and move quickly. My work embedded design process in the team's workflow to give them a foundation to make positive design choices without a UX team member.


search Discovery
emoji_people Communication
color_lens Design Library
supervised_user_circle Collaboration
create Design

As a UX team member and strategist, I worked to show the team how they could be successful by creating small improvements which we could measure and iterate on. We also began utilizing an updated design library across the entire digital space to build the brand and add cohesion to the user experience. By involving dev and product team members early in the process, we aligned on our goals and were able to collaborate to achieve them in each sprint. I also did some journey mapping for the team and left them with recommendations for improving different flows. See the detailed personalization flow journey map here.


Based on increased product views and rising conversion rates, the improved navigation, search, and filters created by the team at Lovepop are successful. I also left the team with a design library and design thinking tools to allow them to contine the UX work we began together. By engaging the various stakeholders and openly communicating, everyone was able to see the power of using lean UX methodologies to meet our business goals.